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3 benefits of Speech Therapy for your child


Does your child struggle to communicate? Do they get frustrated when trying to express themselves to family or peers. Here are 3 benefits of enrolling your child in speech therapy:

1) Overall improved communication. During your speech therapy evaluation, the Speech-Language Pathologist will conduct an individualized assessment of speech and language skills. The Speech Pathologist will target issues such as delayed speech, articulation errors, or vocabulary development through engaging play activities tailored to your child's interests and age level.

2) Improved confidence. Do you ever notice your child become frustrated when they can't express what they want? By improving overall communication, your child will gain increased self esteem and confidence when interacting with others.

3) Improved interaction with peers. If children have difficulty communicating, they may avoid interacting with others. As their speech and language skills improve, so will their engagement with other children.

Little Ones, Infant and Pediatric Therapy is a private practice in Lubbock, TX focusing on speech and feeding therapy for the pediatric population. We currently have summer openings. If you would like to enroll your child in speech therapy, give us a call at (806)370-0851.


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