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Tips for Practicing Speech Therapy Skills at Home, Lubbock, TX

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For my speech therapy kiddos, I always notice greater gains when mom and dad are able to work with the child at home on the skills we've been working on in therapy. We all know that between work, other kiddos, and just life, moms and dads are busy! So, here are some practical tips for incorporating speech therapy skills at home for busy families. These tips apply specifically for my kiddos working on speech sound errors.

  1. Practice during daily activities (e.g., right before bed, during bath time, while getting dressed). No need to carve out specific time if you just don't have it in your day. You can work on home exercises during daily activities.

  2. Set a timer for 5 min to practice. Aim for twice a day. This can be done first thing in the morning or at night time. You can do this while your kiddo is eating breakfast or while in the bath. You can do this before bed time routines. Just this small amount of time may help your child generalize their speech therapy goals into everyday speech.

  3. If you hear an error produced in a sound we've been working on throughout the day, stop and address. This can be done anytime (e.g., walking the dog, driving in the car). The more the child produces the sounds correctly, the better generalization will be.

  4. Talk with teachers, daycare workers, and other family members about the sounds we're working on in therapy. It truly is a team effort!

Remember our goal is always generalization. If your child is working on their skills, not only in speech therapy 1x/week, but at home and during daily activities, they will have greater communication gains!

If you are concerned with your child's speech and language skills, contact me today for a speech therapy evaluation. We currently have openings and no waitlist. Little Ones, Infant and Pediatric Therapy specializes in speech therapy, feeding therapy, and offer lactation services in Lubbock, TX. We see kiddos from birth to school age. Give us a call today at (806)370-0851

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